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3rd Year


Gürol Çivi


Ayşenur Ok

This studio focuses on museums.  In the last 30-40 years museum architecture has been in a serious change. The main axis of this transformation can be summarized as:  Conventional museums were conceived as closed, exhibition and conservation spaces but nowadays they changed into a different program which encourages participation and sometimes act as transformative open spaces in urban space. Modern museums also have iconic values for a city which have the power to reshape the city both in economical and cultural ways just like Guggenheim did in Bilbao.


Museums are more than the repositories of the past, with memories and objects both rare and beautiful. Today Museums are cultural, educational, and civic centers in our communities – centers for exhibitions, conservation, research, and interpretation; they are theaters and movie houses, job-training programs, schools and day-care centers, libraries and concert halls and forums for their communities. They are also taking on commercial functions-museum stores, cafes and other restaurant facilities.

Beliz Akalın
Berk Buluman
Can Tanrıverdi
Cemre Işıksal