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3rd Year



İpek Yürekli

Passion or obsession? deficiency or inspiration?

Either of them or maybe both may lead us to establish a museum / a collection.

During this project, students are expected to build an architectural program for a museum related to the urban network and public areas of the city.


Students are expected to first describe their museum / collection and then the neighbourhood with these guidelines: 

passion / obsession education / inspiration public interest


The area should be chosen after the program. Try discovering characteristic features of the area which can be visible and invisible, tangible and intangible layers, lifestyles, artifacts and natural elements. Focus on finding out the opportunities of living between/with them. Discussion of the city, topography, streets and architecture should be broadened by the help of following topics: time, movement, system, atmosphere, people, power, transformation, border, scale.

Alpar Tan Burçoğlu
Ayça Yıldırım
Aydur Gürgenç
Ayşenur İlayda Tambova