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4th Year



Sevince Bayrak

This semester we worked on near future scenarios where architecture needs to be reconsidered as a tool to design a transition phase. This transition phase, where physical and digital, abundance and scarcity, non-human and human, artificial and natural will encounter and be on stage simultaneously, will require new ways of spatial organizations as well as building technologies and use of materials. This is not a studio about dystopian or utopian future scenarios, it is a mere reflection of near future predictions based on present data. The design studio will focus on three topics; Retail, Food and Culture that are now hot- topics of discussions about technology and future as well as being present problems that need urgent solutions. Radical changes in production and distribution of goods and consumption habits will provide new spatial organizations, where the traditional networks will less likely be utilized. Students are expected to develop hybrid programs and organizations for near-future scenarios and design medium-scale buildings accordingly.

There will be three regions allocated to main topics. Students who choose to work on Food, will be working in Büyükdere area, while others who choose Retail will work in Bomonti and Culture in Kasımpaşa-Dolapdere.

Arif Şahin
Arın Aydoğdu
Aylin Acar
Barkın Enes Makara
Burak Özcan