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1st Year



Başak Eren

The third and last project of this semester is “Extreme Storage”. Project area Taşkale, is a town in Karaman Province located in Anatolia. Taşkale is known for the Granary, which is a high rock consisting of clay-limestone. This high rock is composed of over 250 warehouses carved by hand. Grains are kept here without spoiling for decades. Besides this impressive geography of bioclimatic conservation structure, Taşkale is also famous for its rugs and weaving. 

In this fascinating town, what can be an Extreme Storage? Students are expected to search for things to be stored in and around the town such as goods, memory, knowledge, living things, materials, tools, experiences, etc. This research will lead to a program [Storage +] and its spatial response in rural concept.

Buse Ayaz
Deren Gökmen
Dilara Tolu
Ece Buse Özdemir