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4th Year



Ozan Avcı

The topic of ARC402 Architectural Design VIII is “Hamam+”. The studio centers around a development of a hamam complex in Finike, Antalya. Hamam+ is a future projection, not of a science-fiction type, but rather one that follows an analysis of the present condition to develop new spatial solutions through exploration of new ontologies, tectonics and technologies as they relate to “new” hamam complex in this specific context.

Finike in Turkish, Phoenicia in English, is an agricultural town which is located in the west of Antalya. Finike has the borders with Kumluca in the east, Elmalı in the north, Demre in the northwest and Kaş in the south. It is about 117 kms far from Antalya city centre. Finike is still trying to maintain as an agricultural town of Antalya region and it is considered as the citrus agricultural production center, especially oranges are grown in this town and send all over Turkey so the inhabitants of Finike enjoy farming with the traditional agricultural methods not to be spoiled out by tourism investments. Thus, Finike is looking for new tourism strategies. Hamam+ is a complex of a hamam building and some other facilities that could be related with hamam. It could be accommodation, recreation or production such as textile, aromatic oils, etc... These additional functions will be proposed by students.

Aleyna Ayşe Köksal
Ceren Kalaycı
Doğuş Asan